I love hearing from my readers! You can always email me at littleflecksofgold @ gmail.com (best if you want a quick response!), contact me through any of my social media accounts (including my Tumblr ask page) or use the form below.

Note: I know (and remember) what it's like to be a beginning blogger and yearn for more pageviews. I'm always looking for new blogs to read and especially want to help those that are just starting out. If you ask me to check out your blog I would be more than happy to and if I find a post I love, I'm sure to share it. On the same lines, if you've written a post similar to one of mine or on a topic I've mentioned, I would love to read it. However, in order to maintain the trust that's taken me months to build with my readers, I try to keep my blog and social media channels as organic as possible, so please don't email me asking me to link to your content or share your infographic.

Brands: Please see my PR page before contacting me.

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