Top Ten Tuesday: My Favorite Apps

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

This post has been in the works for months now - not because it's a particularly hard post to write (it will probably take me less time than usual, to be honest) - but because I'm constantly trying out new apps and deleting them off my phone (I made the mistake of getting 8 gigabytes when I really should have gone with 16.) However, some have stood the test of time and are really so useful in my day to day life.


Google Keep

Everyone is always talking about Evernote, which I will admit is pretty awesome, but I honestly like Keep better. Since I have an Android, I find that Google apps usually work best on my phone and this one is no exception. Whether I'm focused on school or the blog at the moment, I can write down my ideas and set reminders for myself of things I need to do later on. It truly is so useful and I think everyone should have an app like this on their phone (if you have an iPhone, Evernote might be better. And of course, if you already have and like Evernote, stick with that so everything will be in the same place!)

My Banking App

I bank through a small local credit union, but regardless of who you bank through, they are sure to have an app and you really should download it! I know some people like to "balance their checkbook" the old fashioned way, but I honestly can't stand it. Instead, I make a point to regularly check my balance and transaction history (to make sure there's no fraud or banking errors) and it works great for me! I prefer the app to using the website on my computer because I always have my phone on me and it's a lot quicker!

Whitepages ID

I personally never answer calls from numbers I don't know (I just don't have time), so this app is really useful to figure out who's calling instead of having to get on a computer to use reverse lookup (although it wouldn't hurt if people would just leave voicemails...hint hint people with Arizona area codes that keep calling.) You can see if there are spam reports on a certain number, and also block spam/fraud calls.



My doctor's office uses this app to sync with patient records (so you can access your lab work etc.) but I also use it to remind myself to take my meds everyday. It's really not necessary for everyone, but if your doctor's office also uses this app or something similar to it, it's worth trying out to see if you like it. And if you are forgetful and have any meds or supplements you have to take everyday, it's nice to have a reminder, even if you do it through another app (you could even use Keep!)


I have had a hard time falling asleep as long as I can remember and the blue light from my electronics doesn't help. I'm just trying this bluelight filter out on my phone (the other one I had would always crash) but I think bluelight filters are a good thing to have on all your devices (unless you have the willpower to stop using them a few hours before bed...but who really does that?) On my laptop I use f.lux and I use the "blue shade" setting on my Kindle around when it's getting dark out.



I love Target as much as the next basic girl and have definitely spent too much within its walls on occasion. While this app hasn't necessarily curbed my spending, it has gotten me some great deals and helped me to recognize where the truly great deals at Target are.


(This is Kroger or Fred Meyer in most states.) I cannot stand Walmart, and Super Target is a 30 minute drive from my house, so I find myself shopping at Smiths most of the time (it doesn't hurt that I used to work in the Kroger call center and got in the habit of shopping there when I had a employee discount...) I can add coupons to my card, browse weekly ads, refill my prescription and so much more. There's nothing on this app you couldn't get online, but, like with my banking app, it's so much easier to just have it on my phone. While I wouldn't recommend crowding your phone with the apps of every store in existence, if there is a chain grocery or drugstore where you do most of your  business, it's worth getting their app.

Social Media


This is by far my favorite social media site and one of the few I can't justify deleting off my phone (I only have Pinterest and Instagram...I deleted Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Snapchat and Periscope to save space.) I've mentioned before how it's helped me grow my blog, but I also just love it for my personal life. I've gotten so many great ideas on Pinterest and whenever I have five minutes to kill, I'll hop on and pin away!


This is the other social media app I've deemed worthy to take up storage space on my phone for a couple reasons. People have been saying Instagram is the fastest-growing social media for about a year now and creatives should hop on, and I don't doubt it. But, I personally just love to see what everyone's up to and share little bits and pieces of my life. I'm a pretty visual person, so the picture format works really well for me (and sometimes I read the captions too...) as opposed to everyone's five paragraph essays on their relationship status on Facebook or all the spam on Twitter.



I wouldn't say this is the best app out there (and I did pay a dollar or two for it while you can get something like VSCO or Snapseed for free) but it does the job for me just fine. It has all the editing capabilities a photography app should have and some really nice filters as well (I never use the built-in Instagram ones anymore.)

Those are my ten favorite apps (and to be honest, most of my apps: I told you I don't have very many!) that really help me with school, blogging and just my everyday life!

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