March Favorites

Monday, March 28, 2016

I can't believe March is almost over (probably because it was snowing like two days ago here) but I am more than happy to see April coming around the corner. I get happier the warmer the weather gets and I am so ready for this semester to be over. Anyway, before I get too wrapped up in April, let's talk about things I loved in March!


Dermapeutics Hyaluronic Lift Serum: I've been meaning to get a hyaluronic acid serum for a while so when I saw this one for $10 at TJ Maxx several weeks ago, I made sure to snatch it up! Living in a cold, dry climate isn't the best thing for my skin and it tends to get really dehydrated this time of year. My skin really responds well to this serum and while I can't testify to the anti-aging claims (I'm 20...) it definitely has helped my skin retain moisture.

I mentioned using this dog mitt to clean my makeup brushes and I still love it. (Although I also noticed Makeup Revolution has a dupe of the Real Techniques cleaning palette...so that could be another affordable option.)

NYX Micro Brow Pencil: When it comes to brows, usually I opt for gel, but lately I've had a lot of sparse spots that needed a little bit more. (And my right eyebrow is always shorter and thinner than my left eyebrow. I know "eyebrows are sisters not twins," but mine are looking more like second cousins or something lately.) This really helps me acheive a natural-looking brow and I love how many colors are in this line (I chose chocolate, although ash brown might have been a better match for me.)


Stress Relieving Anmial Designs Adult Coloring Book - Okay, so not your typical read-it-cover-to-cover kind of book, but I love it anyway. I, for one, am so glad coloring is trending right now because it really is so relaxing! I've seen a lot of coloring books at different stores, but I prefer this one over almost all of them because the designs are so beautiful and ideal for coloring. (I also really prefer animals over mandalas, but that's just me.) Of course, I also love my Harry Potter coloring book, but that stems mostly from my love of all things Hogwarts.


Halls Tropical Chill Cough Drops - I've been feeling a bit sick on and off for a couple weeks and since I'm allergic to most cold medicine, I mostly stick to cough drops to ease the occasional sore throat. I am really picky about cough drops (I hate it when they taste like menthol or eucalyptus) and these are about the only ones I can stand (they actually taste really good, which means their sugar content is probably ridiculous, but I digress.) I know it's a little random, but I figure someone else has got to hate cough drops too, so I thought I'd help a sister out.

YouTube Videos

I've really been enjoying emilynoel83's Dud, Dupe or DREAM product series (and all her videos, as usual.) Basically, she takes a drugstore product and compares it to a similar, high-end product. She's always so thorough in her reviews and she's just fun to watch in general. (And, yes, I watched this video before I bought the Micro Brow.)

I am 100% a dog person and I have followed people on Instagram or subscribed to their YouTube channel just because I thought their dog was cute. So, of course, I could not click "play" on Estee Lalonde's "20 Things I Love About My Greyhound" video fast enough. My dog is actually part greyhound, so it was really fun to see what little quirks he shares with Reggie. Even if your dog is 0% greyhound (or you don't have a dog), if you love dogs, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy this video too!

While I love makeup as much as the next girl, sometimes I look at people's Instagrams and think "Your children are going to make fun of how trendy your makeup was in twenty years." With that being said, that doesn't mean I don't want to dip my toe in strobing, color correcting and all the other trends, and Mariah's video is perfect for that. She really does make the trends look wearable (especially considering she's wearing them all at once!) and the tips she offers will work, even if you're using a different product than she is.

Best Channel

I know it's been around forever, and most of you have at least heard of it, but I have been loving Pixiwoo lately! I've been subscribed for a while now, but I just recently started to really watch their videos and they are so informative. I have a lot of Real Techniques brushes, so it's nice to see how the designers themselves use them. Sometimes they even use them in unexpected ways that are really clever. (My favorite is using the deluxe crease brush to color correct dark circles.)

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