Buy This, Not That: 3 Brand Substitutions to Make for a More Ethical Wardrobe

Sunday, March 6, 2016

About a year ago, I did a post on ethical brands and what brands I would be boycotting unless they made significant changes in their business structure. For the most part, that list has remained the same (I've probably added more brands than I've taken off, to be honest,) but I have found some really great substitutes in the mean time and would like to share them with you.

Aerie instead of Victoria's Secret

If objectifying women wasn't bad enough, VS also exploits child labor (that is so 1910...and just wrong.) Aerie by American Eagle has a plethora of styles, just like VS and you can actually feel good about shopping there. You'll also save a bit of money (and AE has a killer free rewards program...which VS doesn't.) In addition to all the undergarments a girl could ever need, Aerie also has yoga pants and sweatshirts.

ASOS instead of American Apparel

It just took a glance at a few of American Apparel's ads to know I never wanted to shop there (can you say sexist?) ASOS has the same basic tees, fun accessories and trendy leggings at similar pricepoints and enviornmentally friendly as well. ASOS even has tall and plus-size lines (Curve is a much more flattering name too, don't you think?)

H&M instead of Forever 21

H&M was actually on my boycott list last year, but they have since made considerable strides in their sustainability and labor practices. I've always seen them as being in the same category as Forever 21 with their trendy accessories and jewelry and am so happy I can feel good about shopping there again. (It's been over a year!) I personally love their sweaters and can't wait to try out their cosmetics line.

These are just a few of the shops I've come to love in the past year or so and I definitely have plenty more up my sleeve (especially for cruelty-free makeup), but I hope this post was informative for you and inspires you to think a little bit more about the brands you buy from!

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