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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Some of my most popular posts are about college, which makes me feel a little guilty because I definitely don't blog as much as I should about it. I do, however, follow a lot of college blogs that are outstanding that I recommend to any college student, whether you're an incoming freshman or in your last semester. Not all of these blogs write exclusively college content (a lot of them are lifestyle blogs), but they all have plenty of great college posts for you to read.

The Young Hopeful

Not only does this blog have a killer visual brand, they also have great content! There are several contributors to The Young Hopeful that are constantly putting out great posts covering a wide range of college topics. There are also a ton of great guest posts from other bloggers and even a post about mental health from a licensed therapist.

Posts to check out:

How to Prepare for the Best Semester Ever
How to Avoid the Sophomore Slump
How to Thrive in College with Depression (one of the many fantastic guest posts!)

Gina Alyse

If you are thinking at all about studying abroad, I highly recommend checking out Gina's blog. She studied abroad in Spain (I am so jealous!) and has a ton of great posts filled with her experiences and advice.

Posts to check out:

How to Eat Well in College with a Busy Schedule
Why I Decided to Study Abroad (And You Should Too!)
Packing Essentials: Studying Abroad in Europe

Dani Dearest

You've probably seen Dani's beautiful logo hanging out on my sidebar for the past few months and I've been a fan of her blog ever since the first time I landed on it! She has a ton of college posts on everything from how to study to using your planner and they are all well-thought-out and detailed.

Posts to check out:

Tips for Commuter Students in College (I'm a commuter student this week and she nailed it!)
Preparing for New Classes
12 Creative Study Techniques (That Work!)

Harper Honey

A lot of college boards on Pinterest have this packing list floating around on them and for good reason: it has just about everything you need. Harper also writes about college applications a lot, something a lot of other college bloggers don't do, and she has a lot of good general life advice for getting through your college years!

Posts to check out:

Essential College Truths
College Advice for Future Freshman
AP, IB and College Credit Questions

Eyeliner Wings and Pretty Things

Paige writes about college a lot and all her posts are very informative with lots of great advice. She also has a great voice, which is always a bonus (you don't want to read something boring, now, do you?) I find myself laughing at her posts quite a bit.

Posts to check out:

How to Deal With Being Sick in College
8 Ways to Stay Organized in College
How to Get Good Grades in College: 10 College Study Tips

Study Hack

I love any sort of life hack, but as a full-time student, study hacks come in handy the most often. Kat's blog is aptly named because it really has all sorts of tips and tricks to improve your study habits. Obviously, you do need to study, but if you can get more out of it in the same amount of time, you'll be doing yourself a favor.

Posts to check out:

Small Things That Affect Your Concentration
Study Breaks (45-15 Rule)
Stress Relief

Obviously, there are just five blogs on this list and there are tons of other blogs out there, but if you're just getting started, these are some of my favorites and I think you will learn a ton from reading them!

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