What's in the Beauty Section at ASOS?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

I've mentioned a couple of times that I really admire ASOS for their ethical standards. I also really love their styles! I've always known they had a beauty section, but recently, I discovered how vast that section is. They have a ton of brands that I either love or have been wanting to try, with some really great deals as well! (Although they also have some bad deals...but let's focus on the positive for now, okay?) Here's my brand-by-brand breakdown of the ASOS beauty section:


This is one of my favorite beauty brands and while some of the products are really overpriced, quite a few of the prices are pretty similar to the ones on Pixi's own website. Definitely compare prices between the two and take shipping into account before you buy (the threshold for free shipping on Pixi's website is $25, while ASOS has free shipping on their beauty products.) This undereye concealer pencil is only a $1.50 more than on Pixi's site...and with free shipping, it's actually a better deal!


I watch more British YouTubers than American ones and while their accents are charming, they feature a lot of brands that are hard to get in the states, including Bourjois! (And I promise, I'm not complaining...after all, we have easy access to Tarte and Wet n Wild here!) I'm personally dying to try out the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation - I've heard so many great things about it!

Lord & Berry

This is another brand that seems to be less available in US that I would like to try. The ASOS prices actually seem to be cheaper than the ones on LAB's site (I only checked a few items...but still!) There also seem to be more to choose from on ASOS, as they have some limited edition items that LAB's site didn't, as well as some ASOS exclusives.


NYX is one of my favorite brands, but when I looked at their products on ASOS, they seemed really overpriced compared to Target or Ulta. The free shipping seems like less of a perk too, when you consider how easy it is to get your hands on NYX products at a physical store (unless you live in a rural area...then ASOS might be a good option.)

Rimmel London

Pretty much the same as NYX here - love the brand, probably wouldn't be worth it to buy on ASOS. However, there are some good sale prices on items like their Wake Me Up Concealer.


I've heard Eyeko's mascara is great for sensitive eyes (which I have) and Alexa Chung has her own line through them (her makeup is always on point!) As I've mentioned with other brands, the prices can be a bit inflated on ASOS, but when you take the free shipping into account, it may be worth it (in some cases, the price difference is less than $5, aka typical shipping prices.)


I only buy things from this brand when it's on Hautelook (some of their events have the items at around half off), but if you don't want to wait forever for it to ship, ASOS seems to be a good bet. Again, the prices are more, but shipping is free, so if you're buying one relatively inexpensivve item (well, cheap for Illamasqua...like these eyelashes), it might be worth it.


ASOS has quite a few skincare brands, but this was one of the only ones that caught my eye (I've been dying to try them out!) ASOS actually seems to have better prices on their products, especially this vital vitamin night cream, and the free shipping still applies!

Yes To

I've used a lot of this brand's products, and while not everything was a hit, I have loved a couple of products, especially their face wipes. ASOS was a little bit more than Target, but had comparable prices to Ulta and Amazon, so if you're going to buy online, they're probably your best bet.

All in all, ASOS doesn't seem to have the best sticker prices for their beauty products (with the exception of some brands), but when you take the free shipping into account, it might be worth it! Also, they have pretty frequent sales (today you can get 20% with code CLOVER4) and you can get 7% back if you use StudentRate (or 2% on Swagbucks.) I'd definitely suggest comparison shopping (especially on Amazon...if you have Prime, shipping will be free and much faster than ASOS!) before you buy anything, but it's nice to know that ASOS is a pretty decent candidate for your online shopping needs!

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