My Favorite Makeup Hacks

Sunday, December 27, 2015

I'm always up for a good makeup hack (I am constantly reading those kinds of articles on Buzzfeed and Refinery29), so today I thought I would share my five favorites. These were all game changers and I use some of them everyday.

I didn't use cream blush for years because I could never get it to blend right. I don't know if it was the formula of the various blushes I tried or my skin texture, but I always had to use powder blushes, which can actually look pretty cakey on me and often make my pores look bigger as well. Now, I've started mixing in a little bit of this primer with my blushes to make them blend really easily on my skin (it works with powder blushes too and makes them sit better on my skin.) I learned this trick from emilynoel83 on YouTube and her video has more primer suggestions if you don't  own Maybelline Baby Skin or want to try something else.

This isn't so much a hack as it is learning about your own features so you can choose the best makeup looks. If you've ever tried to follow an eye makeup tutorial and it turned out totally different on you did than it did than on the girl on the blog or video, there's a pretty good chance you have different eye shapes (this post is great if you want to see more of the reasoning behind this). Figuring out your eye shape can really be a game changer for your eyeshadow application. I recommend watching this video to get a general idea of the different eye shapes and then googling pictures of celebrities to see which eye shapes you match the most (for example, I wasn't sure if I had deep set or prominent eyes, so I googled "deep set eyes celebrities" etc. until I figured it out.) You don't need to limit yourself just because you have a certain eye shape, but understanding your shape might help you find looks you love.

If you're really into makeup, you've probably tried highlighting the inner corners of each eye before, but have you ever tried highlighting the outer corner too? I got the idea from Mariah Leonard on YouTube and while it looks gorgeous on her eyes, it also works on me (and I have a totally different eye shape.) It can really balance out protruding eyes by making the sides of your eyes look more prominent (and therefore making your eyes look a bit more deep set.) It can also elongate your eyes.

Chances are you've learned how to shape your brows by lining up a pencil with the end of your nose, but if you have a hard time seeing the outline you create against your brows (which can happen if you have dark brows and use a dark pencil), try using a white pencil to outline the shape of your brows. It will be easier to see if you've gotten a shape you like, and any fine eyebrow hairs will really stand out against the white (unless you have blond brows), so you can create a sharper brow.

I personally don't like the look of overlined lips and the ingredients in plumpers can be really scary, so this trick I learned from Lauryn Evart's book is perfect when I feel like adding a little boost to my lips (which for me isn't often, but this trick is so easy, you could easily do it everyday!) All you do is add a little bronzer right underneath your lower lip. It creates a shadow to make your bottom lip look plumper, and if you highlight you cupid's bow as well, you'll be all set!

What is your favorite makeup hack?

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