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Thursday, September 10, 2015

I'm always seeing Instagram shots of the cute Julep nail polishes in the most darling colors, so when I saw that I could get a free box (other than shipping costs,) I was more than willing to try it out. I also ended up getting one of their Maven boxes. I've had fun trying out the products, so I thought I would share what I found.

Julep works a little bit like Ipsy in the sense that they send out curated subscription boxes every month, but their processes are slightly different. While both have you take a quiz, Julep assigns you a makeup personality based on your answers. While the five "personalities" each have identical boxes, they allow you to change what products and colors you get before they send them out (you can also add products to your box to piggyback on the free shipping.)

Each box has two nail colors and one makeup product, although I ended up getting an extra product in each box (my welcome box had an extra makeup product and the Maven box had an extra full-size polish sample!)

Julep Nail Polish

(Colors from top: Alison, Carolyn, Caitlin, Julep, Delores)

I love so many things about this nail polish: the packaging, the colors, and that it's cruelty-free. As a bonus, it includes "oxygen technology." I'm not sure how that makes it better for your nails, but my nails haven't felt weaker or yellowed as a result of using this polish (of course, the fact that it's 5-free helps with that.)

The only downside I can think of is that this polish chips after about two days, but as someone who's rough on her nails, never has time for a top coat and types all day, that's pretty average.

They even have little swatch stickers on the top of each bottle to test the colors out. (Of course, I don't know how you're supposed to get it on there when it's on the same end as the brush, but I just swatched them on different bottles.)

And, just in case you're wondering (because I was,) the brush is completely normal in these bottles, even though they're so long and skinny.

Glow Highlighting Powder in "Champagne"

At first, I was a little skeptical of the color of the highlighter. In flourescent light, it looked very gold, which means it would be darker than my skin (as you can see, it looks just fine in natural light.) But, it goes on perfectly. It's not too pigmented, so it doesn't change the color of your skin at all, just gives you a really natural glow (it doesn't look like I'm wearing glitter either.) Definitely the best highlighter I've tried so far.

Lipgloss in "Graceful"

Even though I'm not a big fan of lipgloss (it's just so sticky and doesn't really make a statement like I'd like it to), I find myself reaching for this lipgloss nearly every other day. My lips have been so dry and flaky lately that lipstick hasn't really been an option, so it's nice to have a little something to make me feel like I'm at least wearing something without drawing attention to the pathetic state of my lips.. It's a very nice, natural color and it lends a nice shine instead of making my lips look oily or sticky, like some lipglosses do.

Gel Eye Glider in "Blackest Black"

I was so impressed with the eyeliner I got in my Ipsy bag last month and this one is a perfect dupe (although I don't know that it really counts since it's only $4 cheaper if you buy both items ala carte.) They both are super black (which I love), go on smoothly (seriously, I am the worst at putting on eyeliner and I can handle it), and stay put throughout the day (although I wouldn't go so far as to call either one waterproof.)

I have to say, I am more than impressed with the quality of Julep's products. And to think, before this experience, I didn't even know that they made anything other than nail polish.

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