How to Treat Yo'Self Like a Pro...And Why You Should

Friday, September 4, 2015

I'm always amazed at how little things can impact your health. While I've talked about how much water can change your health for the better multiple times, there's another thing I rarely mention that also has a huge impact on your health...in the opposite direction. It can lower your immunity, increase your risk for heart disease or diabetes, and wreck havoc on your hormones. Have any idea what it is? It's stress.

I think we can all agree that with school starting back up again, we could all use a little more stress management in our lives. I know my life seems to get busier every year, so I've had to find more and more ways to reduce stress. My favorite? Treating myself.

Now, I know that the idea of "treat yo'self" as portrayed on Parks and Recreation seems a little too indulgent (a massage, a shopping spree and a cheat meal all in one day?) and I like to experience the joy of "treat yo'self" day year round without breaking the bank, so I enjoy little treats here and there. And my favorite place to do that? Lush.

As I've grown older, I've come to care more and more about not only what I put in my body, but also what I put on it. Lush uses fresh, natural ingredients that effectively target what you're trying to treat. (As well as some awesome bath bombs and bubble melts that are so fun to use.) They're also socially and environmentally conscious, and against animal testing.

While I'm still pretty new to the world of Lush, I've yet to find a product I don't love. Their bubble melts smell amazing, their masks are extremely effective (Mask of Magnaminty and Cupcake are the two I've tried) and their toner tabs really clear out your pores.

Today, I want to give one of my lucky readers the oppurtunity to treat themselves, so I'm giving away one $25 gift card to Lush.

The giveaway will be open all week. I'll be sending an e-gift card to your email, so as long as Lush as in your country, feel free to enter. (Just be sure you're at least 13 :D.)

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