August Ipsy Bag

Thursday, August 20, 2015

I honestly considered unsubscribing from Ipsy last month since I wasn't in love with most of the products I got. However, it was so much fun to talk to my friends and read other blog posts about what they got in their bag, so I decided to give it another go. I'm so glad I did, because I was much more impressed with this month's Ipsy bag than last month's, especially with the bag itself. Last month's bag was much too busy for my taste, but I thought this one was adorable (I seriously love houndstooth. I just think it's so classy.) The products did not fail to impress this time either and here are my impressions of each one (I've used each several times!)

Lather Extra Mild Face Wash

This is just what it says it is: a very gentle face wash. It won't dry your skin out but gets it clean (which is great for sensitive or dry skin.) It also smells like lavender, which I love, and is great for cleaning makeup brushes!

Trust Fund Nail Polish in Elegantly Wasted

(Such a great name, I know.) Not only are both the packaging and color of this nail polish gorgeous, it's also non toxic, 5 Free (which is a step above 3 Free, meaning it contains no toluene, formaldehyde, lead, nickel or phthalates), vegan and cruelty free.

Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil

Although I've already found my holy grail hair oil (and coconut oil, you can't forget that,) I definitely wasn't disappointed in this hair oil. While I still favor the Garnier Fructis one, this one works just fine and is the perfect size for travel (like pretty much everything that comes in Ipsy bags.)

Hikari Lipgloss in Merlot

I'm not a huge fan of lipgloss (it's just so sticky!) but this is a really gorgeous color. I love dark lipglosses because they make a statement without being so bold that the rest of your face has to be completely neutral.

Doucce Eyeliner

I usually don't wear eyeliner because I'm really bad at it but this one is foolproof. It's creamier than the other pencil eyeliners I've tried, which makes application that much smoother. It's also really black, which I love. 

Do you subscribe to Ipsy or another beauty box? Let me know what you got this month!

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