What's New in July and a Lazy Day Workout

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Things have been a little slow on here lately (I'm still figuring out my work-life-blog balance... if you have any advice or posts on that, hook me up!) but my head's been buzzing with ideas to change things up a little bit. After months of tweaking (i.e. completely redoing) my blog template, I've finally found a design I love that has no bugs (bugs are fine...as long as I can fix them, which wasn't the case for my last design.) I found this amazing shop on Etsy that has a ton of gorgeous templates for very reasonable prices (it's called Lucas Logos and you should definitely check it out.)

I also had the idea about a month ago to make "Workout Wednesday" actually feature a workout each week. Here's the first one of the series (you can still find old health, but not workouts, under "Wellness Wednesdays"):

I'm all about eliminating the excuses we make for not living the healthiest lifestyles we can. Personally, "I'm too tired" and "I don't want to" factor into the equation way too often, so I've learned to "trick" myself into working out. I do variations of this workout all the time and I love it because you can do it all while watching a show or YouTube videos but it still works your legs and glutes. In case you don't understand any of the exercises, here are some explanations:

Kneeling Hamstring Extension: Beginning on your hands and knees, raise one leg parellel to the floor. Quickly tap the ground and raise your leg up again. That's one rep. (Keep your leg straight the whole time!)

Kneeling Knee Raises: Beginning on your hands and kness, raise one leg parell to the floor. Bend your knee at a 90° angle and pulse it up and back down to the starting position. That's one rep.

Side Leg Lifts: Lying on your right side, point the toes of your left foot and raise it as far as you can. Flex your foot while you go down. That's one rep. (Don't forget to repeat on the other side!)

Bent Knee Leg Lifts: 

Leg Circles: Lying on your side, make small circles with your top foot (keep it pointed!) Each circle is one rep. Be sure to go clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Triangle Taps: Lying on your side, bring your top leg up to hip height. Now, tap the ground in front of your bottom foot, raise your foot back up to the starting position and tap the ground behind your foot. That's one rep.


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