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Monday, May 11, 2015

Blogilates book review

I started doing Blogilates over a year ago and the second I heard Cassey was writing a book , I knew I would want to read it. Her book came out about a month ago and I read it right away. I was especially excited because she shot half the scenes in Utah, which is where I'm from (so naturally I wanted to see if I'd been to those places.) I was definitely impressed. The book starts off telling Cassey's story, which I think is really inspiring. (You can watch it here, if you'd like.)

Cassey then tells the story behind Pilates, then Pop Pilates. She gives general clean eating and exercise advice, as well as tips on staying motivated. The book also includes tons of workouts (and you could even combine the seperate moves to make your own workouts) and clean eating recipes (which are organized by season, which I love.) The book is full of beautiful pictures of food and the workouts are shot in gorgeous locations (Malibu, Boston and Utah.) If you follow Cassey on social media, you know that she practices what she preaches through her lifestyle, and she even lets you see what she eats in a day (you can also see that it works for her followers.)

Photo courtesy of Blogilates
Overall, I would highly recommend Cassey's book. She really jampacked a lot of information into her book and it's all scientifically backed up (unlike a lot of health advice these days.) You can also tailor her advice to your fitness level and lifestyle. While I usually use her videos, I love the idea of having the book as a backup in case I don't have internet access on vacation or when it goes out at my home. 

Have you read Cassey's book yet?

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