Top Ten Tuesday: No Equipment Workouts

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

workouts that don't need any equipment

I've already debunked the myth that you need a gym to workout, but the truth is you don't need any equipment. Yes, you read that right. While exercise equipment can give you some extra variety and resistance in your workout routine, you don't need it to work out. Here's a roundup of no equipment workouts:

Most bodyweight workouts focus on the lower body and often, it's easy to think you need weights to work the upper body. However, these two videos from Blogilates and PopSugar Fitness prove that wrong, as well as this bodyweight arm workout from Strength and Sunshine.

This Tone It Up workout utilizes common bodyweight workout moves like squats for a lower body burn. So does this bodyweight butt workout from Pumps and Iron or this sexy booty and leg workout from Skinny Belle.

While you usually don't use weights to train your abs, you can still get creative by doing a standing abs workout, like this one from Kathy Smith. You can also try this beginner flat abs workout from Skinny Ms.

You don't need any equipment to get your cardio in: just go for a jog outside (okay, I guess you need sneakers.) If you'd rather stay inside, try this HIIT workout from Sarah Fit or this 20 minute workout from Glisten Fit.

As a bonus, I also made this full body bodyweight workout you can try!

I think squats, push-ups, calf raises, plank and tricep dips should be self-explanatory, but here are the explanations for the other exercises:

Hamstring Curl: (you can do the same exercise in a kneeling position)

Side lunge with twist: perform a side lunge, twisting through your core while you bend your knee to engage the obliques.

Side leg lifts: lying on your right side, point the toes of your left foot and raise it as far as you can. Flex your foot while you go down. Repeat on the other side.

Prayer pulses: bring your palms and elbows together. Pulse your arms up and down, keeping your forearms pressed together. (Sounds easy but it isn't!)


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