Excuses Busted: Tips for Beginners

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I've started and restarted my fitness journey as a beginner several times, and it can be hard to workout when you can't keep up with the super fit people on your workout videos. Luckily, there are tons of free resources for beginners (I give you just ten) and I also have some other tips!

Modify moves.
I really love this guide from Pumps and Iron on how to modify exercises. There's almost always a way to make a move easier: get down on your knees for exercises in the plank position, use only your body-weight, increase the angle etc.

Decrease the intensity.
Do your burpees slower than the person on the tv,walk instead of run, etc.

Modify workouts with easier moves. 
If you're following along with a workout and you can't do tricep dips, then do tricep extensions or half-cobra pushups instead. By working the same muscle, you'll eventually build up enough strength to do the intended move.

Try yoga.
While bikram yoga probably isn't the best thing to start off with, most forms of yoga are suitable for beginners. Here are some yoga resources and workouts:
Yoga Journal
Tone It Up Yoga
Tara Stiles
Denise Austin: Yoga Body Burn
Skinny Ms. Yoga

Use beginner workouts.
Here's a list of some resources where you can find workouts for beginners:
Blogilates Beginner Videos
Pumps and Iron Beginner Bodyweight Interval Workout
Fitness Blender Beginner Videos
Popsugar 40 Minute Full Body Workout
Tone and Tighten Beginner Workouts

Do you have any favorite beginner workouts?

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