Excuses Busted: Putting the "Healthy" in Lifestyle

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Something I've often struggled with in my journey to become healthy is making "healthy" a lifestyle. There's a lot to remember about being healthy, and sometimes I felt that my pursuit for a healthy lifestyle was taking over my life (which was, coincidentally, unhealthy,) so I'd stop trying. It's easy to workout and eat healthy consistently for a week or two, the trick is maintaining your habits. It's definitely a trial and error process, and we should embrace that part of the journey, but with a couple of tips and tricks, you can make the transition much easier.

Follow the 80/20 rule.
I'm about to tell you my favorite healthy living rule ever: eat clean 80% of the time and indulge 20% of the time. Perfection is impossible to achieve, but you will be a lot more successful if you don't place unrealistic expectations on yourself. The 80/20 rule really comes in handy when you're craving something or still getting used to eating healthy.

Do what works for you.
I would love to be a vegetarian. Meat is kind of expensive and I'm pretty disturbed at how animals are often treated before we eat them. However, when I didn't eat meat for a couple of months last year, I felt so tired all the time. I've found that I really need a high-protein, lower-carb (I still eat plenty of carbs, don't worry!) diet to feel my best. Everybody is different: we all have our ideal diet and they're all different. If something makes you feel sick: don't eat it. If you can't live without something: eat it. This applies to exercise as well: working out an hour a day really doesn't float my boat, so I try to be more active throughout the day and incorporate a shorter workout.

Be more active. 
Getting movement in throughout the day is actually better for your health than hitting the gym for an hour and then sitting at your desk. Try getting a cheap pedometer to track your steps during the day (or even use your phone!) I've started doing this and it's even motivated me to be even more productive: going up and down three flights of stairs several times to do laundry is a lot more rewarding when I get to see the results on my pedometer!

What helps you to live a healthier lifestyle? 

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