Wellness Wednesday: Why You Should Listen to Your Cravings

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Let's talk about cravings...we all get them, succumb to them at some point and resolve to never listen to them again. However, have you ever stopped to think about what your cravings are really telling you? I see so many women ignore their cravings without stopping to think about what their bodies are telling them. While sometimes our bodies are really just on one, most of the time they're trying to communicate with us. Don't ignore your cravings! Whether it's PMS or some sort of deficiency, listening to your cravings can help you pinpoint what you need to eat to obtain optimum health. There are tons of resources on the internet to help you figure out what nutrients you need (try here, or here, or here.) I thought I'd give you a couple of meal and snack ideas for when your cravings are particularly bad.

If you're craving sweets, one of the best things to eat is fruit! Not only does fruit have natural sugars to help you stop craving the processed ones in candy and cookies, it also has carbon, which could be what your body is missing. Bonus points if you go for grapes or cranberries, since they contain additional nutrients your body could be craving. If you're still craving sweets, try eating a food high in protein, especially cheese or turkey. 
Meal ideas:
Cheese and turkey sandwich
A piece of fruit
A healthy dessert that contains fruit: one-ingredient banana ice cream, two-ingredient cookies etc.

Every source I looked at confirmed that a carb craving could stem out of a nitrogen deficiency. Nitrogen is found in high protein foods. 
Meal ideas:
Your favorite protein source, whether it's a serving of nuts (or nut butter,) bean soup, or a chicken taco.

This source says a chocolate craving stems from a magnesium deficiency. Guess what? Cocoa has magnesium. 
Meal ideas:
If you have no reason to avoid chocolate, have a piece of dark chocolate to boost your magnesium and kill the craving. Other magnesium sources include dark leafy greens and nuts.

Fatty Foods
Your body needs calcium! Dairy is a no-brainer solution for this, but  if you don't eat dairy, dairy-free milk is a good option as well as these 18 foods.
Meal ideas:
Dark leafy greens

Salty Foods
If you're craving salt, you probably need chloride. You know what the chemical name of table salt (NaCl) is? Sodium chloride. Try eating healthy sources of salt to nix your cravings.
Meal ideas:
Sea salt

I hope this helps! What food do you crave the most? (I crave Mexican and Chinese food all the time!)

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