Workout Wednesday: 15 MInute Full-Body Workout

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

15 Minute Full-Body Workout | Little Flecks of Gold

I designed this workout the other day. It works every major muscle group and only takes fifteen minutes. There's a two minute warm-up (do each move listed for thirty seconds,) a five minute circuit that you repeat after a thirty second break (this time performing the lunges and hamstring extension on the opposite side) and a 2.5 minute cool down. In case you need clarification, here are explanations of some of the less common moves.

Straight-leg kicks: Kick your left leg up in the air while simultaneously reaching for your toes with your right hand. Alternate sides for thirty seconds.

(Sumo squats are just squats with your feet wider than hip width and your toes turned out.)

Deadlift with upright row

Hamstring extension with tricep kickback: Is identical to the first move on this Blogilates printable.

Side lunge with a twist: Starting with your feet together and holding a dumbbell or medicine ball in front of your stomach, reach one leg out and bend into a lunge, while simultaneously twisting your torso to work the obliques. 

Bent-leg forward fold: This is your class, junior-high gym stretch. Sit on the floor with your legs outstretched, bend one leg and put your foot by your other quad and bend forward.

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