What it's Really Like to Take Your Own Outfit Photos and an eShakti Review

Thursday, December 11, 2014

What It's Really Like to Take Your Own Outfit Photos and an eShakti Review

You know, fashion bloggers make it seem so easy sometimes. They make it seem like all they do for an outfit post is go outside, take some pictures of their cute picture (or have someone else take them,) go inside, write up the post and press "publish." It's not that easy. At least, if you're me. Here's what my process looks like.

1) Dread taking outfit photos until golden hour.
2) Go on a location-scouting walk at 4:00 pm, because that is when golden hour starts this time of year.
3) Find a relatively remote location that has something to prop my camera on (I don't have a tripod):

4) Take several outfit pictures. Realize they're coming out blurry. Adjust settings. 
5) Take more outfit pictures. Change the angle. Remove coat and purse to get only the dress in the shot. (Brr!)
6) Take more outfit pictures. Change the angle again. 
7) Take more outfit pictures. Realize there's people around and start taking pictures of the beautiful sunset, in order to feel less self-conscious. 
8) Realize your only successful shot cut off half off your face. Ain't no filter gonna fix that. 
9) Scout for new locations. 
10) Realize some weird guy has been sitting there listening to his iPod this whole time and probably watching you take pictures of yourself. Awkward. 
11) Determine to return home a different way than you came, in order to avoid creepy-iPod guy. 
12) Walk at least a mile, find no more locations, but finally see a mansion you've been admiring from your living room window in real life. 
13) Realize it's getting dark and the only way out is the way you came in, and turn around. 
14) See an adorable family of deer on your mile-long trek back to your original shooting location. 
15) Realize you're within walking distance of the bus station. 
16) Miss the next bus to campus by a hair. 
17) Wait in the cold, wearing a not very warm dress for half an hour for the next bus.
18) Get in home just in time to change and make it to another obligation.

Fashion blogging is hard! Props to any and all fashion bloggers out there!

And without further ado, my eShakti review: 

I'm 6'3". As you can imagine, being the height of a Hemsworth brother makes it difficult to find a dress (or clothes in general, really.) I even have a hard time shopping at tall stores because the proportions are still off a lot of the time. Naturally, I was pretty excited when I heard about eShakti a while back. Custom styling for highly reasonable prices? Sign me up. While it's taken a while to get a perfect dress (apparently I also have shoulders comparable to a Hemsworth brother, and while you'd think that wouldn't be a problem with custom styling, it somehow has been. If you have wide shoulders, you might want to add a couple inches to your measurements,) I was really happy with my last purchase. Naturally, when eShakti asked me if I would do a review in exchange for a free dress, I was pretty excited. I chose the floral print sash dress and I am quite satisfied! I added a cap-sleeve to the original design and I think it fits great! (The shoulders are still a tad tight, but they're managable.) One thing to keep in mind: the fabric quality of my eShakti dresses (I've ordered three before this one, returned two) is never what I expect it to be. The top of this dress kind of reminds me of scrub material. But, it's not too bad.

eShakti floral print sash dress | Little Flecks of Gold

eShakti floral print sash dress | Little Flecks of Gold
Dress: c/o eShakti
Coat: JC Penney (old, but they never change their designs)
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Purse: Forever 21
eShakti is the only online retailer offering sizes 0-36W and custom-styling. As you could have guessed, they're also perfect if you're tall or petite! Even better, they're giving Little Flecks of Gold readers 10% off until January 10th. Use the coupon code "littleflecksofgold" at checkout.

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