Seven Motivational Tools to Keep Your Healthy Resolutions

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's no secret there's a stigma surrounding New Year's resolutions. While many people don't stick to their's, this year can be the one you stick to your's. Today I have a little round-up of ways to keep yourself motivated to keep your healthy goals throughout the year:

Cute workout clothes
Make sure to discipline yourself to only wear workout clothes when you're working out though, or else you're really just giving yourself comfortable clothes to watch tv in.

A motivating workout playlist
I wrote a post about this earlier this year, but I thought I'd make things easier for y'all and make a playlist on Grooveshark. Enjoy!

A workout partner
Sometimes "it takes two to make a thing go right" and having a workout partner can help you start pounding the pavement or hitting the gym.

An inspiration board
Gather up some inspirational quotes, some stats about why exercise is good for you and tape them on your wall or save trees by making a separate Pinterest board.

New recipes
Let yourself get on Pinterest for a while and find some new recipes you want to try. Sometimes it's hard to start eating healthy because we tell ourselves healthy=bland, but that's not true at all!

A new workout app
Whenever I get a new workout app, I get really excited to use it (the same applies for a dvd or just finding a new workout on YouTube.) I'll be posting in-depth reviews of the workout apps I've tried (there's a lot) but some of my favorites include Nike Training Club and the Blogilates apps (they're both free!)

New equipment
Same principle as the new workout app: if you get something you're excited about using, exercising will be fun, instead of a chore.

For more ideas and inspiration, check out this post from the Freckled Fox. Happy New Year!

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