Wellness Wednesday: Blogilates vs. Tone It Up

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

If there's ever an e-card I've related to, it's this one. All my underweight friends and family members have lost significant amounts of weight this summer, and I'm just hoping I don't gain anymore. With a slow metabolism, I have no choice but to eat clean and workout. I've struggled finding workouts I really enjoy, but what I've definitely experimented with nearly everything on YouTube and the App Store (okay, that might be a slight exaggeration.) I've noticed people rarely review free fitness programs, so I would like to give an in-depth analysis of both Tone It Up and Blogilates.

I heard about Tone It Up through Lauren Conrad and I love their chill but determined attitude when it comes to fitness. I'd been hearing about Blogilates for months when I finally decided to try it out. I love all these women and was so thrilled to find this video with all three of them and Sarah from diet.com. If you're wondering what they're all about, I would recommend watching it. Also, you get a taste of their personalities, which can help you decide if you want to try their program. :)


  • The workouts are free but they're still challenging. All you have to do to get the free calendar is sign up for the Blogilates newsletter. There's also a Beginner's calendar available.
  • The merchandise is affordable and they have great customer service! Cassey doesn't push her products on you: in fact, she gives you alternatives when she's using one of her products during a workout video.
  • The community is awesome! Cassey's website my.blogilates.com is a full-fledged social media website especially for fitness! You should check it out!
  • Cassey is a super perky, happy, encouraging workout buddy! She chats during her difficult workouts and often distracts you by showing you her nail color.
  • Cassey has an awesome series of YouTube videos called Cheap Clean Eats. She also has practical workout advice videos on her channel.
  • Cassey has tons of recipes and even a few free meal plans. She also has a meal plan that comes free with her Fit Journal (an awesome product by the way.)
  • Cassey stays active with her fans through social media and I can tell she's a genuinely nice girl!
  • Cassey stresses healthy body image and sets a good example by staying at a healthy weight for her body.
  • Cassey occasionally incorporates weights to help give you a more toned look, like in this Angel Arms video. 
  • Cassey is constantly telling you ways you can modify the moves on her videos to make them easier or more advanced.
  • Sometimes I get discouraged when I fall behind on the calendar and feel like I have to catch up. (That's mostly my inner perfectionist.)
  • Most of the workouts do not come with printables.
  • The videos can be very difficult, but Cassey will always help you push through. 
  • There could be more cardio in Cassey's calendar.
  • There isn't any room for anything but Cassey's videos in her workout calendar. I suppose you could add it on top of the hour of Pilates you're already doing everyday. . .

Tone It Up 

  • Karena and Katrina are super laid-back and down to earth. I always feel relaxed while working out with them, especially during yoga with Karena.
  • K&K offer practical vlogs about everything from triathalons to beauty.
  • K&K have a lot of healthy recipes on their website.
  • Tone It Up also has a very active online presence and community. TIU members are super active on Instagram, as well as K&K. There's also a community on toneitup.com.
  • Karena and Katrina have really fun workouts. I love the Sunseeker Workout for full-body toning and Love Your Body with HIIT.
  • TIU has a number of series throughout the year. The Love Your Body series kicks off the year, while Bikini series gets you ready for summer.
  • The program has places for other kinds of workouts, especially cardio. During Bikini series, K&K encourage you to get #100bysummer, which means you bike, walk or do other cardio for 100 "miles" before summer (by miles, they mean 10 means of moderate intensity.)
  • Sometimes I feel like K&K need to focus a little less on looks, and more on health.
  • They're constantly pushing their nutrition program on you. I understand marketing and that they want to promote their product, but I'm constantly feeling pressured to buy Perfect Fit (their protein powder) or their $150 nutrition program. Also, sometimes their workouts are on their $40 Beach Babe dvd, which I cannot afford right now.
  • K&K don't always tell you how to modify the moves to make them easier or more intense.
Wow, all this talk makes me want to do Tone It Up again and make some cheap clean eats. What are your favorite resources for fitness!

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